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Why I want to write personal blog?

Actually I don't really know why I need a blog to record my ideas, exploration, and struggle learning way. That's just someday when I was visiting other's blog, the beautiful style attracted me really a lot, and recently there are remarkable changes in my workflow, all of these drives me to write them down.

I have tried to write blogs formerly, for several times. But I finally cannot insist cause the publication tools are not easy to use, i.e. Hexo or Haskell. This time, I use the CSS and html-template files from that beautiful repostority, and then I code a Render class in python to generate all my html files from markdown ones directly, no more depencies needed. This work costed me about 12 hours, and brings me much enjoyment. And then I bought a domain from namesilo(About 8.99 dollars, 56.7 Yuan in RMB), get all stuffs done and then push it on Github. The final visual effect looks very close to the original blog, and I really like it.

How to deploy?

Aim: Make sure your website works on your local machine

Aim: Deploy to github


In this blog, I add my wishlist and resume. Maybe I could add more tabs to record my life. After one month in Beijing, I realize it is so hard to do research but I still love it as long as I am not being pushed. And I would like to search for beautiful things as my primary goal.

Best wishes.

Posted by Theodorus Zhou on 2018-03-03.