Deep Into The Space

My memory in Horizon Co.

2018-03-16 interns' talk by HengLuo


  1. Coding will not be shifted out for a short time. Algorithm maybe goes die, such as deep learning or entrepreneurship. When one field gets into its saturation, it is the start of not profitable.
  2. Read less paper, more book instead. Many papers are just meaningless work, not the truly ideas hidden in them. Reading these paper is just a waste of time. We should read more books, such as Deep Learning or any other theory biasis. For instance, the hot deep learning models are just two parts, Optimization and Regularization, firstly we should make optimizer work, then we could think should we add other reasonable regularization. This important theory, or we say, a principle, is taught by a mentor when Luo was in a internship overseas.
  3. Keep mind open. The place we lived in is a changing world. Two years ago, the entrepreneurship such as APP attacting users, falls down on every corner in Beijing, or China. But now, if you still do this, you will get lost definitely.
Posted by Theodorus Zhou on 2018-03-16.